Cabinet Arrangements - Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Specific Systems HVAC units (3 tons and greater) include standard multi-stage cooling for efficiency and redundancy.  Refrigeration circuits are interwoven through the condenser and evaporator for space savings, allowing for increased levels of redundancy in all refrigeration components.  If one circuit were to fail, the other circuit continues to operate, providing 50-75% of the total cooling capacity.

In addition to the above standard design, Specific Systems can provide two units arranged in a two-units-in-one-cabinet layout, helping to save on total installed cost of both materials and labor. This arrangement places two single-stage cooling (100%) systems in one cabinet.  Sizes range from 2-25 tons (totaling 4-50 tons).  It is for situations in which wall space is limited and 100% redundancy is required.


Specific Systems HVAC units are also available in a dual unit configuration, which combines two complete and separate units via a common plenum and duplexor controls, allowing for 100% redundancy of the full unit capacity while retaining multi-stage cooling functionality.


If you need something different than above, please ask.  Specific Systems will try to answer your needs.