About Us

We enjoy working with people who describe the systems surrounding the products we offer. We can then suggest various approaches that may save space, energy, maintenance or provide easier operation. Our application knowledge is built on the many projects in which we have participated. We can bring that experience to you.

Since we offer related equipment, by our understanding of the system, we can save you time in obtaining equipment that will perform the functions needed.

Here are some examples of what we have done:

  • We provided fans, expansion joints, and multi-stage centrifugal blower (all from different manufacturers) to a firm building a steel processing line.
  • We asked what is the cost of energy for an alternate fuels demonstration plant that was slated to run about one year. It was zero. Knowing that we quoted a much lower cost air-cooled heat exchanger.
  • For a petroleum refinery, we suggested that a bank of hairpin heat exchangers would work better than a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The hairpin exchangers were selected and used. The velocity of a solids-containing stream was increased, thus reducing fouling potential and reducing maintenance costs. In addition the hairpin exchanger approach reduced the initial cost from $50,000 to $30,000.
  • For a coal-fired power plant, we suggested that a high head sump pump application use one vertical cantilever pump as the primary pump with a horizontal pump as booster pump. The project as built used two horizontal pumps plus a priming system for the primary pump. Afterwards, the engineer said that he should have used our suggestion.


On new projects:

  • For a steam condensate return station, we make sure that steam condensate temperature and receiver inlet height are clearly specified, and that flow rate and head are properly defined for all expected conditions.
  • For sump pumps, we obtain the pump start and stop level, which are affected by sump design, and which affect the selection of pump type and design.