Sump Pumps: Submersibles or Verticals?

Nagle Submersibles: Models SMR & SML



  • Immune to occasional high water levels that would flood bearings on vertical pump.
  • Eliminates the need for mounting plate.
  • Will pull from the bottom, with/without agitator
  • Can be moved to various positions.



  • Pump can be backed up/replaced by light duty submersible



  • If corrosive fluid, an alloy or epoxy coated motor adds to cost.
  • Seal has potential for failure.


Where to Use

  • Deep sumps
  • Tight quarters
  • Temporary installations
  • Non-essential services


Nagle Vertical Cantilevers: Models TWO & CWO


  • No seal that may wear, or be affected by tramp material.
  • Can run dry without worry of seal failure or motor temperature overload.
  • Available with V-belt drive that gives flexibility for changing TDH.
  • With V-belt, speed can be increased if additional flow needed.
  • With V-belt, commonality of pumps can be provided.
  • Pump speed can be decreased to reduce erosion.
  • Motor does not have to be designed for highly corrosive fluids.
  • Low speed operation required by Flow/TDH or wear considerations can be accomplished without use of expensive motor.


Where to Use

  • Severe duty
  • High reliability needed
  • Caking slurries
  • High temperatures
  • Shallow sumps or pits


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