Sump Pump Maintenance: Costs, Causes and Cures


Costs of Pump Maintenance

  • Maintenance Hours
  • Maintenance Parts
  • Rental Pumps
  • Supervisory and Associated Hours
  • Downtime

Causes of Extra Maintenance Costs

  • Lack of Preventive Maintenance - Example: lack of grease
  • Inability to Fix Early On - Example: not greasing bearings after flooding
  • Suction Pluggage - Example: absence of strainer or agitator (where applicable)
  • Overuse of Rental - Example: lack of spares
  • Submersibles - Example: seal costs
  • Repair Not Up To Service Duty - Example: parts not designed for actual conditions


  • Add Maintenance Staff
  • Buy Cheap and Throw
  • Buy Bullet-Proof
  • Use Manufacturer's Knowledge



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