Why Use A Roth Deaerator?

Traditionally, steam boiler facilities have used deaerators in order to provide "good quality" boiler feedwater, with minimal use of chemicals.

The Roth Pump Co. Tray Type Deaerator may make a difference in your boiler facility.

Saving the cost of treatment chemicals can be significant. You may wish to visit the Roth Pump WEB site deaerator page and use the cost comparison calculator.

In addition, we have found that companies are interested in deaerators, and especially Roth deaerators, for these reasons:

Sulfites and other treatment chemicals require MSDS tracking. If chemicals are delivered in drums, then residual chemicals and drum returns are concerns. If chemicals are delivered in bulk to a storage tank, then additional costs are incurred.

Deaerators for 50,000 lb/hr boilers and less have traditionally been spray type deaerators. These deaerators may have problems with plugging or wear of spray nozzles. A change upward in the % oxygen remaining in feedwater is the result. This may lead to greater corrosion in the boiler.

Installing a deaerator has often meant building a mezzanine or tall structure to provide sufficient suction head for the pumps. The Roth deaerator uses Roth One Foot NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) pumps which allow the deaerator to be less than 8 ft. high.

Less chemical cost and hassle, consistently better quality feedwater, and lower installation costs point toward serious consideration of the Roth Deaerator for many boiler facilities.


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