Steam Condensate Pumping

How To Specify Success


The following specifications for condensate pumping systems will decrease or eliminate the possibility of associated problems. Many problems are avoidable only by using regenerative turbine pumps.

  • Supply turbine pump, with its characteristic steep flow-head curve.

  • Condensate inlet connection must not exceed ______ inches above floor level

  • Pumps must be able to handle maximum condensate temperature of ____ F without cavitation.

  • Treatment program may consist of _______________________. Pump manufacturer to select and state in quote the materials of construction of all wetted parts that will withstand corrosion from these treatment chemicals.

  • NPSHR must be constant and not vary with flowrate. NPSHR curves that rise as flow increases will not be allowed.

  • Pumps must operate at no more than 1750 RPM


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