Furnish and install as shown on the drawings OR as specified below:

Roth condensate transfer station – Model # __________or equal.

For ______ GPM at ______ PSI with a design operating temperature of 200F and a maximum operating temperature of 210F. Receiver capacity shall be (7)(15)(25)(35)(50) gallons Receiver material construction shall be (cast iron)(steel)(stainless steel) Motor(s) shall be for _______ Voltage (60)(50) cycle (1)(3) phase current (drip proof)(TEFC)(TEFC Svr Duty)(Explosion Proof) all- angle construction. Float switches/mechanical alternator shall be NEMA (1)(4)(7,9). (Optional) Starter(s) enclosure shall be NEMA (1)(4)(4X)(7,9)(12) with a control voltage of _________.

Unit shall be furnished as a factory unit and shall include the following components:

1. Pump(s) shall be regenerative turbine type, with its characteristic steep flow/head curve, and with bronze impeller, renewable liners and with a stainless steel shaft. Pump NPSHr shall be constant across the entire operating range and pumps shall be noncavitating. Pump(s) shall operate 1750 (1440) RPM speeds for increased life and NPSH characteristics, 3600 (2880) RPM speeds are not allowed.

Pump(s) shall be top mounted inside a receiver to allow the pump to be removed for maintenance without draining the receiver. Side mounted pumps must have isolation valve(s) between the pump and the tank to allow the pump to be removed for maintenance without draining the receiver.

2. Receiver shall be of minimum stated capacity with inlet, vent, overflow and drain connections. Centerline of receiver's condensate inlet connection must not exceed _______ inches above base.

3. Motor(s) shall be sized to be non-overloading at ANY working pressure below design pressure. Motor(s) shall be mounted above the high water level.

4. Float switch/mechanical alternator:

For single pump stations the float switch shall be 2-pole Square D or equal suitable for across-the-line starts on single phase current up to 1 HP load, direct actuated by all copper float and float rod with visually adjustable float rod collars.

For two pump stations the mechanical alternator shall be 2-pole Square D or equal to select first one pump and then the other and arranged to start the second pump if the first pump cannot handle peak returns.

5. (Optional) Magnetic starter(s) with HOA switch(es), disconnect(s), and control transformers shall be factory mounted in one enclosure and wired to the motors.

6. All the above to be furnished as a complete package unit, factory assembled, wired and ready for connection to services at the building.


Each bidder's written proposal shall include the equipment and materials as specified herein as their base bid. However, if the bidder desires to submit one or more alternate proposals, a summary of advantages to the purchaser, with complete descriptive, technical, dimensional, and price data, shall be submitted in writing for each proposal. Alternate proposals will not be given consideration if adequate information is not included.

Any exception to the specification shall be clearly stated in writing. If any of the requirements cannot be fulfilled, the bidder shall state his reasons in detail and propose a reasonable alternate. If no exceptions are taken, it will be understood that the bidder's proposal is based on strict conformance to all requirements of the specification and related attachments.


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